HBO Max: This Show Is More Popular Than Game of Thrones

It seems that Looney Tunes is even more popular than Game of Thrones on the brand new streaming device, HBO Max. Due to the new Coronavirus pandemic, the streaming services are doing even better than before, and now is the time for new shows to be released. 

Some TV shows were lucky

We know that many of the productions have been halted when the lockdown started a few months ago. Some of the shows, however, we’re lucky enough to have already finished the productionThis allowed them to be aired according to plans. 

HBO is very popular on the market

Streaming services have been really helpful during this time home because it gave users a way to take their mind off things. One of the streaming devices that came just in time is AT&T’s, HBO Max. HBO is known for many series out there, such as Sex and the City, Girls, Curb Your Enthusiasm, and Game of Thrones, which were pretty popular. 

Looney Tunes is more popular than Game of Thrones

But now, with the launch of HBO Max, the biggest surprise has been one of the programming choices of the networkAccording to some sources, one of the most popular programs has been the reboot of Warner Bros. Animation’s Looney Tunes. This series has been so popular that it is the service’s most indemand program. So it seems that it is even more popular the Game of Thrones and we surely did not expect that. However, it cannot compete with the cartoons of our childhood. 

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