Here Is Why ‘Oumuamua Is Quite Rare

Scientists stated that ‘Oumuamua, the gigantic object which came right from our solar system could actually be a very rare chunk of hydrogen ice.  

Apparently, there are only a few places in the universe that are able to create hydrogen icebergsHowever, scientists say that if this visitor were to create the giant iceberg, many of its properties would actually make sense. 

The visitor is able to accelerate when it travels in the universe.

There are some things that are very hard to explain this visitor, and one of them is its path through our solar system and how it is able to accelerate when it travels. We know that comets can accelerate, but there is no proof that ‘Oumuamua uses the very same mechanism. However, if this one were to create a hydrogen iceberg, the ice would actually push it forward. “Even though the hydrogen iceberg thing is a little exotic, it explains every single mysterious thing about ‘Oumuamua.” 

We have learned that this hydrogen icebergs are very unusual. Hydrogen doesn’t really solidify unless it gets to just a few degrees above absolute 0 – which is the lowest temperature in the universe. Only giant cosmic structures of molecular clouds can reach that temperature.

How could it form hydrogen icebergs?

Scientists think that the way back through one of these clouds is the reason why ‘Oumuamua can form hydrogen icebergsThey believe that it has been initially formed as a ball of dust and hydrogen that just sticks together. But this is a very tough theory to prove.  

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