How Astronauts Aboard The International Space Station are Educating Children

Astronauts aboard the International Space Station may be far away and above their homes, but that doesn’t stop them from making others happy. More precisely, they’re delighting children, which is a great idea, especially for the fact that a lot of schools are closed during the COVID-19 era.

The little ones now have the chance to learn some interesting and basic stuff about our Universe. Besides, who knows when some of them will become astronauts capable of traveling to other planets, and hopefully, to other solar systems.

Future mission to Mars

Christina Koch, one of the astronomers aboard the International Space Station, seems highly motivated for the project. She is reading stories about space exploration, including a future mission to Mars, and doesn’t hesitate to even sing a little astronomical song for the kids:

The book’s author is very pleased by the way the astronomer read its work for the children:

Christina did a fabulous job. She played with it, she sang the verses that needed to be sung.

There were many books that were presented in several different languages by the astronauts. Also, the kids have the chance to see how things and people behave in a weightless environment, although the astronomers sometimes have trouble maintaining themselves in the right angle for being video recorded.

Who is Christina Koch


As one of the narrators from the educational program for children, Christina Koch is both an engineer and NASA astronaut of 2013 class. She received Bachelor of Science degrees for Electrical Engineering and Physics, and from North Carolina State University she received a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering. She also worked and did advanced studies for the Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC).

The International Space Station holds crews of between three and six people, in general, and it’s a project between five participating space agencies: NASA (USA), ESA (Europe), JAXA (Japan), Roscosmos (Russia), and CSA (Canada).

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