How I Met Your Mother index season 1-9

How I Met Your Mother is a fantastic sitcom. If you are a fan of romantic comedy combined with drama and musical, this show has it all. It is captivating from the pilot episode until the end of the series. The story is about friendship and finding true love. However, it is not a typical love story, as the show is full of dozens of plots.

How I Met Your Mother is just as famous as the show Friends and The Office, and it rates 8.3/10 on IMDb. Fans fell in love with the characters, and critics have favorable opinions. Craig Thomas and Carter Bays are the authors of the American show. Although the story revolves around a young man and his love struggles, it mostly shows all five friends and their adventures. 

Pamela Fryman, Rob Greenberg, Michael Shea, and Neil Patrick Harris directed the series. In total, there are nine seasons of How I Met Your Mother, featuring 208 episodes. If you are curious to give it a try, you can find it on Disney+ Hotstar, Amazon Prime, Stan, and Netflix platforms. 

How I Met Your Mother Cast

  • Cobie Smulders As Robin Scherbatsky
  • Neil Patrick Harris As Barney Stinson
  • Josh Radnor As Ted Mosby
  • Alyson Hannigan As Lily Aldrin
  • Jason Segel As Marshall Eriksen
  • Bob Saget As Bal Daniel
  • Cristin Milioti As The Mother
  • Lyndsy Fonseca As Fonseca
  • Alexis Denisof As Sandy Rivers
  • Taran Killam As Gary Blauman
  • Sarah Chalke As Stella Zinman
  • Marshall Manesh As Ranjit
  • Ashley Williams As Victoria
  • Jennifer Morrison As Zoey Pierson
  • Wayne Brady As James Stinson

The below index is going to be legen.. wait for it.. dary:

Season 1

Episode 1 Pilot

Episode 2 Purple Giraffe

Episode 3 The Sweet Taste of Liberty

Episode 4 Return of the Shirt

Episode 5 Okay Awesome

Episode 6 The Slutty Pumpkin

Episode 7 Matchmaker

Episode 8 The Duel

Episode 9 Belly Full of Turkey

Episode 10 The Pineapple Incident

Episode 11 The Limo

Episode 12 The Wedding

Episode 13 Drumroll, Please

Episode 14 Zip, Zip, Zip

Episode 15 Game Night

Episode 16 Cupcake

Episode 17 Life Among the Gorillas

Episode 18 Nothing Good Ever Happens After 2 A.M.

Episode 19 Mary The Paralegal

Episode 20 Best Prom Ever

Episode 21 Milk

Episode 22 Come On


Ted Mosby is the star character of the How I Met Your Mother show. The first season begins in the year 2030, presenting Ted with his kids on a brown couch (I feel like the whole series is an icon). He then proceeds to tell his kids how he met their mother. 

The story begins back in 2005 when he was just 27 years old and still living with his friends Marshall Eriksen and Lily Aldrin. Ted is an architect, Marshall, a law student, and Lily, a kindergarten teacher with a passion for art. On the way, he becomes a friend with Barney Stinson, an all-the-time-costume-guy that likes to flirt and loves himself too much. The hopeless romantic Ted is looking for his soulmate and meets a beautiful Canadian reporter, Robin Scherbatsky. 

Ted gets into a relationship with Victoria making Robin jealous; however, once they start doing long-distance, things fell apart. Another relationship that fells apart is Marshall’s and Lily’s. The nine-year-old sweet bond breaks as Lily wants to do more with her life and lives both Marshall and the audience heartbroken. 

Season 2

Episode 1 Where Were We?

Episode 2 The Scorpion and the Toad

Episode 3 Brunch

Episode 4 Ted Mosby: Architect

Episode 5 World’s Greatest Couple

Episode 6 Aldrin Justice

Episode 7 Swarley

Episode 8 Atlantic City

Episode 9 Slap Bet

Episode 10 Single Stamina

Episode 11 How Lily Stole Christmas

Episode 12 First Time in New York

Episode 13 Columns

Episode 14 Monday Night Football

Episode 15 Lucky Penny

Episode 16 Stuff

Episode 17 Arrividerci, Fiero

Episode 18 Moving Day

Episode 19 Bachelor Party

Episode 20 Showdown

Episode 21 Something Borrowed

Episode 22 Something Blue


Lily’s dream to become an artist goes down the drain, and she decides to move back to New York. Barney trains Marshall to approach girls, and he actually gets a date with the “crazy eyes” barista; however, it doesn’t go great. Eventually, he and Lily get back together. 

Season 2 reveals Robin’s singer carrier. She refuses to go to the mall, which makes Marshall and Barney place bets. Marshall wins when the whole ‘Robin Sparkes’ past is unveiled. Small tip, the show is full of crazy bets, this one giving Marshall the power to slap Barney five times. 

It turns out Bob Barker is not Marshall’s real dad. Ted admits to Barney that he and Robin broke up.

Season 3

Episode 1 Wait For It

Episode 2 We’re Not From Here

Episode 3 Third Wheel

Episode 4 Little Boys

Episode 5 How I Met Everyone Else

Episode 6 I’m Not That Guy

Episode 7 Dowisetrepla (aka The Home Wrecker)

Episode 8 Spoiler Alert

Episode 9 Slapsgiving

Episode 10 The Yips

Episode 11 The Platinum Rule

Episode 12 No Tomorrow

Episode 13 Ten Sessions

Episode 14 The Bracket

Episode 15 The Chain Of Screaming

Episode 16 Sandcastles in the Sand

Episode 17 The Goat

Episode 18 Rebound Bro

Episode 19 Everything Must Go

Episode 20 Miracles


Season 3 finds Marshall in a dilemma on whether to accept a corporate job or not. We discover Lily is a shopaholic and in debt. However, the sweet couple manages to get their own place in Dowsietrepla, only to find out it is not as great as they thought. 

Barney sleeps with Robin; however, Ted finds out and ends the friendship with Barney, but make up in the hospital after an accident. Ted gets hit by a car and Barney by a bus. 

Season 4

Episode 1 Do I Know You?

Episode 2 The Best Burger In New York

Episode 3 I Heart NJ

Episode 4 Intervention

Episode 5 Shelter Island

Episode 6 Happily Ever After

Episode 7 Not A Father’s Day

Episode 8 Woooo!

Episode 9 The Naked Man

Episode 10 The Fight

Episode 11 Little Minnesota

Episode 12 Benefits

Episode 13 Three Days Of Snow

Episode 14 Possimpible

Episode 15 The Stinsons

Episode 16 Sorry, Bro

Episode 17 The Front Porch

Episode 18 Old King Clancy

Episode 19 Murtaugh

Episode 20 Mosbius Designs

Episode 21 The Three Days Rule

Episode 22 Right Place Right Time

Episode 23 As Fast As She Can

Episode 24 The Leap


Stella and Ted are about to get married. However, she leaves him at the altar for her ex. Robin moves in with Ted, and Barney is looking for ways to spend more time with her. Ted loses his job and starts a business called Mobius Designs. Barney is clearly in love with Robin and confesses. However, he gets rejected, but end up together eventually. 

Season 5

Episode 1 Definitions

Episode 2 Double Date

Episode 3 Robin 101

Episode 4 The Sexless Innkeeper

Episode 5 Duel Citizenship

Episode 6 Bagpipes

Episode 7 The Rough Patch

Episode 8 The Playbook

Episode 9 Slapsgiving 2: Revenge of the Slap

Episode 10 The Window

Episode 11 Last Cigarette Ever

Episode 12 Girls vs. Suits

Episode 13 Jenkins

Episode 14 The Perfect Week

Episode 15 Rabbit or Duck

Episode 16 Hooked

Episode 17 Of Course

Episode 18 Say Cheese

Episode 19 Zoo or False

Episode 20 Home Wreckers

Episode 21 Twin Beds

Episode 22 Robots vs. Wrestlers

Episode 23 The Wedding Bride

Episode 24 Doppelgangers


Season 5 shows Robin and Barney breaking up for good despite Lily’s efforts. Barney is once again a womanizer but regrets it later. On the other hand, Robbin dates her co-anchor, Don. Ted buys a house, and after Robin moves in as she and Don are over. Tony makes a movie featuring him as a hero and Ted as the villain. 

Season 6

Episode 1 Big Days

Episode 2 Cleaning House

Episode 3 Unfinished

Episode 4 Subway Wars

Episode 5 Architect of Destruction

Episode 6 Baby Talk

Episode 7 Canning Randy

Episode 8 Natural History

Episode 9 Glitter

Episode 10 Blitzgiving

Episode 11 The Mermaid Theory

Episode 12 False Positive

Episode 13 Bad News

Episode 14 Last Words

Episode 15 Oh Honey

Episode 16 Desperation Day

Episode 17 Garbage Island

Episode 18 A Change of Heart

Episode 19 Legendaddy

Episode 20 The Exploding Meatball Sub

Episode 21 Hopeless

Episode 22 The Perfect Cocktail

Episode 23 Landmarks

Episode 24 Challenge Accepted


Ted starts working for GNB again but faces obstacles because of Zoey. However, they later fell in love, and Zoey divorces to be with Ted. Marshall’s dad dies, and he becomes an environmental lawyer again. However, he gets hired by Zoey. Lily reveals her pregnancy. Barney refuses to meet Jerry, his dad but eventually discovers that he’s his uncle.

Season 7

 Name of The EpisodeAvailability

Episode 1 The Best Man

Episode 2 The Naked Truth

Episode 3 The Ducky

Episode 4 The Stinson Missile Crisis

Episode 5 Field Trip

Episode 6 Mystery vs. History

Episode 7 Noretta

Episode 8 The Slutty Pumpkin Returns

Episode 9 Disaster Averted

Episode 10 Tick, Tick, Tick.

Episode 11 The Rebound Girl

Episode 12 Symphony of Illumination

Episode 13 Tailgate

Episode 14 46 Minutes

Episode 15 The Burning Beekeeper

Episode 16 The Drunk Train

Episode 17 No Pressure

Episode 18 Karma

Episode 19 The Broath

Episode 20 Trilogy Time

Episode 21 Now We’re Even

Episode 22 Good Crazy

Episode 23 The Magician’s Code, Part I

Episode 24 The Magician’s Code, Part II


Finally, the seventh season gives a glimpse of Ted’s getting married to the love of his life. However, she remains unidentified. Marshall’s dream comes true, and Lily is heavily pregnant. Robin discovers she can’t have kids and breaks the relationship with Kevin. Ted tries to make her feel better and confess his feelings; however, he gets rejected. 

Robin and Ted don’t speak to each other for weeks but make up when Lily delivers Marvin. Ted and Victoria start a relationship once again. On the other hand, Barney and Quinn start dating as well, and he proposes. 

Season 8

Episode 1 Farhampton

Episode 2 The Pre-Nump

Episode 3 Nannies

Episode 4 Who Wants to be a Godparent

Episode 5 The Autumn of Break-Ups

Episode 6 Splitsville

Episode 7 The Stamp Tramp

Episode 8 Twelve Horny Women

Episode 9 Lobster Crawl

Episode 10 The Over-Correction

Episode 11 The Final Page, Part One

Episode 12 The Final Page, Part Two

Episode 13 Band or DJ?

Episode 14 Ring it Up!

Episode 15 P.S. I Love You

Episode 16 Bad Crazy

Episode 17 The Ashtray

Episode 18 Weekend at Barney’s

Episode 19 The Fortress

Episode 20 The Time Travelers

Episode 21 Romeward Bound

Episode 22 The Bro Mitzvah

Episode 23 Something Old

Episode 24 Something New


Robin ends her relationship with Nick. Victoria breaks up with Ted due to his friendship with Robin. Barney and Quinn follow suit as well as they can’t trust each other. However, he gets back with Robin and proposes to her. Lily and Ted argue which band to hire at Robin’s wedding, but Lily wins. Cindy recommends her roommate’s service, who we discover to be Ted’s future wife.

Season 9

Episode 1 The Locket

Episode 2 Coming Back

Episode 3 Last Time in New York

Episode 4 The Broken Code

Episode 5 The Poker Game

Episode 6 Knight Vision

Episode 7 No Questions Asked

Episode 8 The Lighthouse

Episode 9 Platonish

Episode 10 Mom and Dad

Episode 11 Bedtime Stories

Episode 12 The Rehearsal Dinner

Episode 13 Bass Player Wanted

Episode 14 Slapsgiving 3: Slappointment in Slapmarra

Episode 15 Unpause

Episode 16 How Your Mother Met Me

Episode 17 Sunrise

Episode 18 Rally

Episode 19 Vesuvius

Episode 20 Daisy

Episode 21 Gary Blauman

Episode 22 The End of the Aisle

Episode 23 Last Forever: Part One

Episode 24 Last Forever: Part Two


Robin and Barney’s marriage is not working at all, and in the end, up divorcing. After a one night stand, Barney’s life is about to change completely, as he gets the girl pregnant. He becomes the father of a baby girl. Barney turns into a serious and caring parent, leaving the playboy life behind. 

At the gang reunion, we see Barney and Robin single; Ted married happily to Tracy, and the forever sweet couple with baby Marvin. Sadly, Tracy dies of illness in 2024. As he finishes the story, his kids encourage him to pursue his feelings for Robin. Therefore, Ted goes to Robin and shows her the French stolen horn.

We strongly recommend How I Met Your Mother, so it’s up to you to accept the challenge. The show is perfect for chilling out. Until then, follow Barney’s Stinson advice, “Whenever I’m sad, I stop being sad and be awesome instead.”

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