How Powerful Are Black Holes, Actually?

Black holes are some kind of engines made out of gravity. They are able to pull objects that cannot escape their power. Well, these objects get to incredible velocities. It has been said that black holes create incredible particle accelerators when they pull objects. The only thing is that everything needs to be carefully settled so that the particles don’t get lost in the black hole forever.

The new study may help us find black holes with the help of the particles that blast away from them.

Let’s be more clear than that

So particles fall into a black hole. When they get closer to the black hole, they speed up – like a ball that falls down the hill. Actually, it’s even speedier than that since the gravity of a black hole is so much stronger. The particles that fall in the black hole have a pace that’s more powerful than the speed of light.

Then the event horizon has its part here. The event horizon is the distance from the black hole where the particle reaches the speed of light. It shows the boundary of the black hole.

So when a particle falls in, and it gets lost forever, it is placed behind the event horizon. So when making a particle accelerator, using the event horizon is not a good idea because it won’t spit out the particle.

However, if two particles come near a black hole, they get a boost in energy. It takes a lot of work and time for a particle collider (just like ours) to accelerate particles to more than 99% of the speed of light. Large Hadron Collider does it at 17 miles (or 27 km). But a black hole is able to create this kind of speed just because it exists.

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