How To Create Your Web Developer Portfolio

Web development is such a popular field among job offers, and it’s totally worth investing time and effort for learning some basic languages. Let’s suppose you have all the knowledge for creating and maintaining some web apps, but you don’t know how to start when it comes to creating a reliable portfolio page that you’ll be presenting on job interviews.

You know the drill: when you’re seeking a job, the first impression counts a lot. That’s why you need a nice-looking portfolio, and we have the right formula for building one.

Mention all your jobs and passions

Any employer wants to see that the person looking for a job is diligent enough. Don’t hesitate to mention as many jobs as possible. Of course, lying isn’t an option. If you have any background in the field you’re aiming for, even at a very shallow level, don’t hesitate to say it. Employers are sometimes willing to see that you’re passionate for what you’re aiming for rather than having work experience. A lot of people have jobs that they hate, and who else can know this better than the employers?

Upload a clear photo of yourself

It doesn’t matter if you’re not as pretty as Brad Pitt from the ’90s or as Katy Perry. Employers want to see a clear photo of you, and it can be a bonus if you’re showing a pleasant smile. Anybody wants to see a crystal clear picture of the person he or she wants to hire.

Showcase as many apps as you can

Last but not least, you must show your work. It’s actually the most important part of making a portfolio, so don’t hesitate to add even the most ridiculous web apps that you’ve created. Don’t even start creating a portfolio without mentioning any projects. Be creative and build the apps you’ve always wanted. If you’ve just built a calculator, add a Batman theme to it, for instance. Just make something unique, anything, before applying for those jobs.

These are our best advices. Feel free to tell us about your experience at job interviews!


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