How to Fix Minecraft Pocket Edition Crashing on Android

Minecraft Pocket Edition seems to trouble players’ experience on Android, after the latest update. The app seems to crash down very often, without any warnings or additional reasons. If you’re facing such an issue, and your favorite blocks game became annoying, try the following tips and tricks to solve the problem!

How to Fix Minecraft Pocket Edition Crashing on Android


Restarting your device could be the easiest way to fix Minecraft PE crashing issue. Click on the Power button. Press Restart Option, and wait for a little it until the Device gets Off and On. Open Minecraft PE, and the issue should no longer be a bother.

Free up some storage

As a second way of solving the crashing issue, free up the storage might be a great idea. The updated game sometimes needs a little bit more space ob your device, and if you can provide that, your game might crash. It’s better to delete the unused apps and free up some storage.

Also, your device RAM is very significant. If your device has 2GB RAM, for example, then you won’t face crashing issues that much. After you cleaned up some space, start Minecraft PE and play.

Clear Cache

By clearing app cache and data, you’ll also eliminate all the unnecessary stuff the cookies ads caught up. Access your device’s Settings and search for Minecraft Pocket Edition. Choose Storage and then Clear cache and Clear Data. Start the game and play it.

Run in VBO Mode

Activating VBOs for your Minecraft PE can be the reason for the crash in the first place. You can turn off the VBOs quickly in only a few steps. First, go to Settings in Minecraft PE and look after Video Settings. The setting about VBOs are at the bottom, and you’ll see the feature Turn off VBOs. Restart your device and open Minecraft.

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