How To Fix MIUI 11’s Most Common Issues

In late 2019, sometime during October, Xiaomi started pushing MIUI 11, which was intended to stick to Android 9 Pie initially. For those who don’t know, MIUI is an Android-based operating system for Chinese phones belonging to Mi and Redmi brands. It boasts gorgeous looks, breakneck speeds, and tons of handy features, as its official presentation says.

But any piece of software these days has its flaws, and we have a pretty good idea regarding the most common ones of MIUI 11. Therefore, we also have some solutions for them:


This is one of the most widespread flaws that apps and operating systems have. Even the regular transitions on the home screens or opening apps run slow on MIUI 11 sometimes, and it’s both peculiar and outrageous considering the powerful hardware phones have nowadays.

What you can do in order to get rid of at least some of the lagging in MUI 11 is lowering the animation scale in Developer options. However, only the developer can solve the problem entirely.

Apps crashing and freezing

Certain third-party apps keep crashing on MIUI 11, leading to a black screen and/or a crash prompt. Even more annoying, this also happens when users minimize the app and try to return to it from the Recent screen.

One solution is to reinstall the affected apps and see if it helps. If not, you can choose to back up your data and reset the device to factory settings. Also, future updates of the MIUI 11 operating system can fix the issue.

Camera issues

The camera app did receive some additions, but they were not enough to fix pesky issues like stutters, slow processing speeds, oversaturation, or awful audio recording quality.

One way of getting rid of these problems is by clearing the camera cache. If they’re not gone, you should wait for Xiaomi to deal with them before the official Android 10-based MIUI 11 hits all the supported devices.

What issues and bugs did you experience while using MIUI 11?

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