How to Fix YouTube’s “Daily Quota Limit Exceeded” Error on Kodi

TouTube offers content for all tastes, including music, stand-up material, movie trailers, game reviews and teasers, tutorials, chemistry lessons, and pretty much anything else you can think of.  But the platform can cause plenty of headaches sometimes, and it also applies for the Quota Limit Exceeded Error that emerges on Kodi.

YouTube is also available on the official Kodi TV repository. The “Daily Quota Limit Exceeded” error is the most commonly found among Kodi users. Fixing it is not difficult at all if you pay attention to several simple steps:

  • Turn on Kodi.
  • Open the YouTube Addon.
  • Head for the “Advanced” option in the Settings menu.
  • Enable Support alternative player.
  • Increase Cache Size to 20 or more.
  • Go to “API” in the Settings menu.
  • Adjust the number from “Use Preset API key set” any number from 1 to 4
  • The error message of the YouTube Quota Limit Exceed should be gone.
  • That’s all!

Another method for fixing the error is by creating personal YouTube API Key. Try it by doing the following, if the previous method didn’t work:

  • Go to
  • Head for “Select a Project”
  • Click on the box that opens and says “Create project”
  • Enter your chosen name in the Project name tab
  • Copy the Project ID that shows itself and paste it in any text editor
  • Click on Create
  • Hea back to the API main page and select YouTube Data API
  • Select the “Select Project” icon and then click on Select button
  • Select “My YouTube API Key”
  • Click on the “Enable” button
  • Click on “Create credentials”
  • Select the “Android” from the drop-down list
  • Check the “Public Data” from “What Data will you be accessing?”
  • Select “What credentials do I need?”
  • YouTube API key is generated and will appear in the API key section
  • Click on “Done” for saving the settings
  • Save the Personal Key somewhere and Open Kodi
  • Click on the YouTube Addon
  • Select Settings and then click on API
  • Enable the Personal keys
  • Enter the Personal YouTube API keys that you saved previously and click OK
  • That’s all! The error should be gone now!

YouTube has 2 billion users across the world. 79 percent them have their own account on the platform.

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