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There’s no doubt that JavaScript is a programming language that has evolved tremendously in the recent years. You can use it for either building web apps, or creating an installable game, and so on. Also, you should never neglect frameworks in programming, as they can offer huge help.

For getting the best out of JavaScript and the Angular framework, there’s a new magazine that can help you out. But what can possibly be more fun than to learn something so interesting and fun as JavaScript? Learning it by using free tools!

Download for free

You can download the new Javascript-related magazine for free by following this link.

As the creators are saying about their wonderful magazine:

The brand new JavaScript Magazine is presented to you by our International JavaScript Conference. In several issues per year, you will get an overview of the latest trends and topics of the JavaScript world: articles, infographics and interviews await!

JavaScript is one of the three languages that all programmers for webpages must learn:

  • HTML (HyperText Markup Language) for establishing the content of webpages
  • CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) for creating the layout of webpages (color, positioning, size, etc)
  • JavaScript (aka ECMAScript) for programming how the web content behaves

What to do before learning JavaScript

As you probably already guessed, you shouldn’t start learning JavaScript without having some basic knowledge about HTML and CSS. You can’t learn JavaScript without those two languages, although you can indeed learn HTML and CSS without knowing any JavaScript. You can manipulate a lot of HTML and CSS code by using JavaScript.

Also, you should never confuse JavaScript with Java since they are two totally different programming languages, in both design and concept.

But the main thing you should do before learning JavaScript is to realize that programming can be a difficult field for you only if you believe so. Good luck!

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