How to Make Decent Amounts of Money Online – An Honest Guide

We’re all tired of those tons of websites that promise us to earn money by simply clicking on ads or completing surveys. You can’t make decent amounts of money online unless you’re good at something productive. But don’t worry, anyone can be good at something as long as he or she practices a bit and learns how to ignite his or her imagination. And of course, nobody cares about getting paid a couple of nickles for simply completing a survey.

Let’s be honest: we all like money, and it’s totally ok as long as you spend them wisely and you don’t engage in illegal activities for earning them. Everybody needs money, but not everybody knows how to handle them. Anyone can earn money by working remotely, and it’s a lot more satisfying for most people than to meet other co-workers in an office that could hamper your contribution in one way or another. Feel free to check out our honest proposals for how to make enough money online so that you’ll get the chance not to tolerate an annoying collective every day:

Blogging or Vlogging

Judging by the way technology evolves nowadays, creating video content for YouTube or other platforms is a great idea. But if you don’t have the right tools and apps for doing so, you can use your blogging skills for writing content for YouTubers and just share the revenue with them. In both cases, you can earn some decent amounts. There are plenty of web services out there that are willing to pay you for simply letting ads on your blog or YouTube channel. Those services usually pay per each click that a visitor makes for your website or channel. It’s not much, indeed, but if you have enough imagination to come out with original and creative content each week or even day, some decent amounts of money will gather themselves over time. Let’s be realistic, there are so many sources on the internet that you can inspire yourself from! The chances are big that you’ll be able to surpass a minimum wage per month greatly.

Other companies could pay you for publishing reviews of their services on your blog/vlog. By this way, you can even get paid much better if you have regular offers. Just prove to anyone that your reviews for gaming, smartphones, or other gadgets are good enough. Somebody could contact you when you expect less. The best condition here is to make a blog or vlog about topics that are highly demanded by the general public.

Programming/software engineering and web development

Pretty much everyone needs a webpage and uses various apps nowadays, which means that you can take advantage of this fact and learn some tech magic that will turn people’s dreams into reality. Contrary to a widely-spread bias, there’s no need to be an expert at math in order to learn programming and web development. Pretty much anybody can learn to build a website or an app if he invests enough patience and effort. And every programmer and web developer writes garbage code every day that he’s forced to delete afterward! Therefore, you shouldn’t be intimidated by all those huge amounts of lines of code.

Being a programmer or a web developer are among the most well-paid jobs nowadays, and that should motivate you enough. However, it takes about several months to learn the basics and build a few apps or webpages for your portfolio. There are tons of websites willing to teach you for free (W3schools, Codecademy, FreeCodeCamp, etc.) and even more video tutorials on YouTube. There are dozens of tools that are ready to ease your work a lot as you write some code. Coding is marvelous, as it can become really addictive as soon as you create your first apps. This field grants you the feeling that you can create anything you want: weather apps, clock apps, games of any kind, apps for improving general knowledge, and many more.

Just run the lessons, take the tests, and build a reliable portfolio! The world is full of companies that look for programmers and web developers.

Online betting

If you’re passionate about sports, trying out this method is also a good option. However, you must do it responsibly and not invest more money than you can afford to lose. Online betting is a very uncertain environment, but it’s worth the risk if you have enough knowledge about sports and you don’t fell into a destructive addiction. In general, you have to invest high stakes for high profits, but you can skip this rule if you have high faith in the teams you’re betting on.

A great way of earning from betting is to invest money in small odds and reinvest the whole amount you’ve just earned. Follow this pattern several times in a row and the initial odd of 2, for example, becomes 16 after just four bets! By using this method and if you fail, you won’t even regret that initial stake that was relatively small. But if you fail, there’s always the chance of starting all over again.

Almost regardless of how you choose to earn money online, possessing some decent knowledge of the English language is practically a ‘must’ nowadays. But don’t worry, almost nobody knows it perfectly! Even when it comes to programming, nobody cares if you mistake a past tense or a spelling of a word, for example!

In the end, we should all keep in mind that rich people are not necessarily those who have a lot of money. Rich people are those that know how to spend them in a prosperous way.

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