How To Watch The Moon and Venus Switching Places in Upcoming Beautiful Cosmic Dance

While so many astronomers are seeking and finding outstanding sights way beyond our solar system and even beyond the galaxy, there are plenty of beautiful wonders very close to our planet that can amaze us forever.

One such event is represented by the Moon switching places with Venus on the night sky, an event that can be viewed tomorrow evening, February 27. The two celestial objects are creating a truly rare event only several hours after our beloved sun does its daily job and leaves the scene.

The brightest objects from the night sky

Venus and the Moon are the brightest objects in the night sky, and that’s why it will be such a big deal to see them ‘kissing’ each other.

Venus will be shining more brightly than usual since it’s in a period of several months called ‘greatest elongation’. The planet shall be at its furthest distance from the sun, and it’s expected to shine stronger until June.

Should we send humans to Venus?

You might ask yourself the following question: if Venus is so close, couldn’t we send humans to it instead of thinking to colonize Mars? There is only one answer to the question, and that is a big ‘NO’!

Venus is the most hostile rocky planet from our solar system. It has hundreds of degrees Celsius at its surface, and it has a very thick and toxic atmosphere. The atmosphere from Venus contains mainly carbon dioxide, and thick clouds of sulfuric acid that are completely covering the planet. You can easily conclude that that’s no place for humans to be. Religious people might say that the more they learn about Venus, the less they doubt the existence of Hell.

On the other hand, humans went to the Moon, and they plan to do it again in the current year.

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