How to Watch The Most Spectacular Meteor Shower of The Year That’s Coming Soon

The Universe never ceases to amaze us, and space rocks are constantly being spotted as wandering the night sky. Scientists estimate that around 500 meteorites hit the surface of the Earth every year. We can consider ourselves privileged to have a gas giant like Jupiter in our solar system, as it attracts with its huge gravity a lot of asteroids that come too close.

But regardless of how dangerous space rocks can be, meteor showers always represent beautiful sights, whether you’re a stargazer or not. The most spectacular meteor shower of the year is approaching fast, and you better prepare your tickets for the celestial show already.

Prepare for The Perseids

The Perseids meteor shower will delight our views at its most intense moment during next week, and you cannot afford to be late for the cosmic show. The meteors will reach their peak in the mornings of August 11, 12, and 13. If you’re paying enough attention to the sky, you’ll be able to spot up to 100 meteors per hour. Among them, you’ll even get the chance to spot fireballs, meaning even brighter meteors.

If you won’t get to watch the Perseids, technology is once again at its duty and ready to help. More precisely, live streams will save the day. The Virtual Telescope Project will share live feed for the cosmic event starting at 22:00 UTC on Tuesday. The date of the highest peak for The Perseids meteor shower is August 12.

Jupiter can also be called as the guardian of our solar system. Even though the huge planet is a wasteland made almost entirely of gases, there’s a good chance that the whole humanity wouldn’t have existed without the tremendous role of Jupiter.

NASA informs us that The Perseids meteor shower is active every year from July 14 to August 24.

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