How to Win a Free Samsung Galaxy S20 5G Smartphone

If you want to get your hands on Samsung’s latest flagship, the Galaxy S20 5G model, it’s easier than ever now. The phone has some staggering specs: 12 GB of RAM (more than most PC’s), an octa-core processor, a triple camera setup on the rear with a maximum of 64 MP, and much more.

But now you have the chance of owning such a device without paying anything for it, although it normally costs around $999. It happens because of a contest made by T-Mobile that lasts from March 10th to March 16th.

How to participate

Participating in the contest is very easy. First, you have to use the T-Mobile Tuesdays app. And if you’re not a T-Mobile customer, access the T-Mobile Tuesdays website. Furthermore, all you need is a valid mail address, an internet connection, and a valid phone number.

No purchase needed

If you thought that this is another one of those contests where you have to invest something in order to have a chance of winning, that’s not the case here. T-Mobile even says that all participants have equal chances of winning a Samsung Galaxy S20 5G phone.

The winner of the contest will be established by the classic method of randomly drawing from all of the participants. Also, the winner will be notified by email or through the app.

Some people may have had some doubts, but now it’s certain that Samsung wants to keep its spike in 2020 for the best smartphone manufacturer of the Asian continent. The South Korean giant company exhibits its flagship for this year, the Galaxy S20, and it will clearly be generating some tremendous income, one that will be comparable even with the one of iPhone 11.

Samsung also plans to bring to the market its second foldable phone, and therefore we can only expect a bright future for the Asian company.

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