How Twitter will Be Limiting the Replies to Your Tweets

Social interactions through virtual services seem like mandatory during these harsh times, and you surely know why if you haven’t been traveling to another planet lately. Even though some people had been claiming that the hugely popular microblogging and social networking service Twitter is facing an unprecedented downfall, the stats are contradicting them firmly.

Twitter has around 500 million tweets posted daily, 336 million monthly active users, and 23 percent of the internet population. All those people can’t be using Twitter if they’re not satisfied with what the social media platform has to offer. Furthermore, Twitter will become an even more interesting realm in the near future.

Too many users replying to your tweets? No problemo!

If you’re some superstar, politician, or any hot girl from the internet who can’t handle anymore the huge amount of replies you’re getting to your tweets, Twitter will soon fix that for you. The platform is currently testing an option that will allow users to limit how many replies they can receive for their tweets.

Twitter released a video for explaining their upcoming feature in a more detailed way:

Another good news is that limiting the replies for a tweet doesn’t work like the block feature from Facebook. Users will still be able to see what you post, even though they can’t reply. Surely this is a very useful feature, as trolls and spammers are everywhere across the internet these days.

To get a hold of how popular Twitter still is, the company itself said that there are a lot of discussions going on about the highly popular subject of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic:

Over the past few weeks, there have been more than 6 million questions Tweeted about coronavirus/COVID-19. For #WorldHealthDay, we partnered with the @WHO to provide answers to some of your most asked questions.

We can expect the feature of limiting replays on Twitter to become available pretty soon, and surely it will solve many unwanted situations that can occur for any user posting on the platform.

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