Human Gestures Shouldn’t Be an Enigma Anymore, Thanks to This New AI

Artificial Intelligence may soon solve all of our problems, and let’s hope that it won’t bring our demise one day as the great scientist Stephen Hawking said. But until the moment when Artificial Intelligence will develop some sort of consciousness in order to have the potential of doing any damage, we are free to benefit from its good side.

Body language is an important aspect of our everyday lives, although some of us don’t realize it. A new discovery could finally be able to make artificial intelligence recognize human gestures.

Hand gestures debunked

Scientists from the Nanyang Technological University used a stretchy and form-fitting sensor. They were capable of guiding a robot through a maze using only hand gestures. This can open the path for much more complex behavior commandments.

However, Artificial Intelligence recognizing human gestures is not something entirely new. iPhones and Android phones can do that too. You can use simple hand gestures for controlling a phone powered by Android or iOS, although it must be said that it’s still room for a lot more improvement.

Should we worry about AI?

There’s no reason to reckon Artificial Intelligence as a threat to humanity for the moment, regardless of those numerous sci-fi movies that try to convince us otherwise. Artificial intelligent robots will have to first be conscious of their own existence and develop their own desires and dreams. For the moment, they only do what humans command them to do. A problem could occur if certain leaders program robots to jeopardize somebody else’s plan.

However, scientists from the Nanyang Technological University still admit that the new AI is far from mastering human gestures, but hopefully, this was a huge step for much greater achievement from the near future.

The study was published in the journal Nature Electronics.

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