Immense Rivers Flowed Across Mars Hints At Signs of Life

Recent research emerged and showed how it utilized high-resolution 3D imagining data to track any proof of ancient rivers on Mars over 3.7 billion years ago. According to Dr.Matt Balme, from the Open University, and the co-author of the research, the finding will bring impetus to missions developed to visit Mars this decade to attempt and work out whether any signs of life ever did exist there. Searching for proof of water and bright environments in the geological background of the Red Planet’s ancient past, the more researchers will find.

Recent Study of Mars’ Ancient Rivers

Researchers nowadays are very convinced that the Red Planet once had some areas more than suitable for life. But how life started, there is another story. So, this is why the space agencies develop missions, such as the ESA’s ExoMars Rosalind Franklin Rover, to find any chemical signatures of life. As for the Martian environment in what was is identified as the Hesperian Era, Dr. Balme explained: “These would have been substantial rivers, maybe tens of meters across, set within loose materials forming flat-lying floodplains at the bottoms of broad, shallow valleys.”

Dr.Balme’s research indicates the rivers flowed for at least 100,000 years, but it’s very challenging to estimate. The issue of not succeeding to figure out time from the laters spotted in a cliff-face like is that there are many periods of lost time. Mars is, however, probably the best place to search for alien life because it has many advantages. First, it is known that in its past, it resembled Earth in terms of minerals, rock, and liquid water. Mars, it is also relatively easy to explore, and samples can be collected. But, if life is found in the cosmic neighborhood, it would bring immense implications.

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