Increasing Debt, Declining Health, And My Journey To Recovery

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If you research the consequences of too much debt or poor money management, there’s a ton of information on how it affects you financially. Your credit score drops, you can’t get approved for loans, pay more for certain products and services, and you have a hard time covering everyday expenses. Not to mention, unresolved debt can lead to lawsuits, wage garnishments, and bankruptcies. What isn’t highlighted is the impact it has on your health and wellness. That’s where my story starts. 

My History With Credit Cards

About five years ago, I accumulated more than $10,000 in credit card debt. I’d used the cards to pay for things I didn’t have the cash for upfront. Sometimes, it was a minor purchase like gas or lunch money for the week. I also gave in to temptation and bought the latest fashions or some other form of temporary satisfaction. Eventually, it caught up to me. I needed to pay more than I could afford (unless I wanted to be homeless and hungry). The fees and interest piled up, and the balance got out of hand. 

My Health Took A Hit

I paid the minimum when I had it, but otherwise, I just ignored the problem. After all, everyone deals with debt so, it must be a part of life. Then creditors started calling me at home, work, and my cell phone. I got letters in the mail about chargeoffs, collections, repossessions, and legal actions if I didn’t repay. One credit card company even started garnishing my wages. 

That’s when my health started to decline. I was anxious every time I heard the phone ring. I’d get stressed out every time the balance increased. I felt hopeless when I’d get my paycheck and not have enough to cover essentials. I became so emotionally overwhelmed that I skipped meals then binged to find comfort. I started isolating myself and became a couch potato. It wasn’t long before my doctor expressed their concerns. I was obese, my blood pressure was high, my blood sugar levels were off the charts, and I might have suffered from mental illness. 

Journey To Recovery

My doctor made it pretty clear that if I didn’t start making some changes, I would develop life-threatening illnesses or die. I tried making healthy lifestyle changes, but it wasn’t enough. Then, I went to see a therapist and discovered that my conditions were stress-related. My finances had negatively affected every area of my life. If I was going to improve, I needed to do something about my debt. 

Debt Consolidation

I knew there was no way to pay off these credit card balances before I suffered more significant consequences. A close relative told me about a debt consolidation agency that helps credit cardholders get out of debt. They said the company provided loans to eligible applicants to cover the cost of their credit card balances. The advantage for me was a low-interest rate and one monthly payment (for easier management). Not to mention, the collection calls, late fees, and unfavorable credit ratings would stop. 

Feeling as if this was a win-win for me, I visited to see if the agency could assist me. I was able to get approved for a three-year loan that saved me 5% in interest and $100 a month in payments. The moment I started making payments, I felt relieved. The phone calls stopped, my credit started improving, and I was saving a bunch of money.

Restored Health

With my credit card debt under control, the stress symptoms started to subside. I began incorporating healthy lifestyle practices back into my daily routine. Within 60 days, I felt a real improvement in my well-being. Upon returning to the doctor’s office six months later, I was informed that I was on the right track. My blood pressure and glucose levels stabilized, I had lost 10 pounds, and my mood was visibly better. 

It’s crazy how something like your finances can cause your physical and mental health to decline. It took my doctor and therapist telling me that I was at risk for a plethora of life-threatening conditions to realize that I needed to make some changes. Brice Capital’s debt consolidation loan helped me to regain control of my finances, sanity, and ultimately my life. 

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