Instagram Beta Update is Now Available with Enhanced Software Reliability

Tens of millions of people have ditched Facebook during this past couple of years because of the user data privacy scandals that the company has gotten into. The platform that everyone is now using is none other than the Facebook’s owned Instagram. What makes Instagram different is the fact that users get the choice to make their accounts private, but that’s not all! Instagram focuses on photo-sharing and users are enjoying this much more than Facebook where everyone uses the app to share their political and religious views.

Since Instagram’s userbase has been steadily growing in the last years, the developers who are in charge of Instagram are doing everything in their power to improve the app’s performances and to ensure a premium user experience. The way that they are doing this is by constantly releasing software updates, and in fact, a new one has just arrived.

Enrolling in the Beta Program

Instagram users who want to make sure that they are always among the first ones to access all the latest software updates should consider enrolling the official beta program. Most people tend to stay away from the beta programs of their favorite apps because they don’t want to deal with bugs, but fortunately, this is not the case for Instagram’s beta program.

Instagram Beta Update

The biggest advantage of joining the beta program is that users get to access new updates such as the latest one which sports the beta version number. This update introduces a handful of bug fixes that are improving the overall software stability of Instagram while also taking the app’s performances to the next level. We also want to mention that joining the beta program of Instagram is the best way to make sure that the developers are reading your input and are making software changes to improve the app.

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