International Space Station Astronaut Captures Amazing Footage of Five UFO’s

Many people claim to have seen UFO’s, and numerous online footage proves it. But when such a claim comes from an astronaut on board the International Space Station, and he even brings video sample as proof, it’s much more reliable.

The Russian astronaut Ivan Vagner was aiming to capture the beauty of the Aurora Borealis as it was unfolding in all its glory above the Antarctic. But luckily for him and for humanity, he captured something even more interesting:

There’s not one, not two, but five UFO’s hovering above the Earth’s atmosphere. While these mysterious objects could actually be spacecraft from another planet, the ultimate question arises: does humanity really need an encounter with alien life forms? Whether extraterrestrial beings exist or not, the truth is that both scenarios can be equally frightening.

If aliens exist, why aren’t they here yet?

This is the rhetorical question that some people use as proof for sustaining the idea that there’s no such thing as aliens. But there are several reasons for why humanity didn’t encounter beings from another planet that exist elsewhere besides our own imagination. First and foremost, the distances between solar systems are huge even for the speed of light to traverse them in a reasonable amount of time. Not to mention that a distance between two galaxies can literally be millions of times larger. Therefore, a super-advanced alien civilization could not consider worthy the idea of wandering around the Cosmos for vast amounts of time.

Another good reason for why we didn’t encounter any aliens is that they don’t possess the right technology to reach us. As for the human race, we weren’t even able to land foot on the nearest planet to us. Aliens could be just as technologically evolved as us, or even outclassed. They could even be at the level of Neanderthals, or they could not be complex organisms at all. Aliens don’t necessarily mean little green men with pointy years like we’ve all seen in sci-fi movies.

Aliens might already be among us

There’s no telling what peculiar elements or structures could exist in the depths of the Cosmos. Life could be far weirder than we could have ever imagined. Highly advanced alien civilizations might have already visited us without bothering to say ‘Hello!’. Life doesn’t necessarily have to be based on the four primordial elements that form aminoacids on Earth: oxygen, hydrogen, carbon, and nitrogen. Aliens could stay right in front of us without our knowledge. Our five senses could be useless in the face of alien entities that behave and function entirely different.

The American astrophysicist Neil DeGrasse Tyson proposed the unpleasant idea that highly-advanced alien civilization might consider humans too insignificant and uninteresting. He defended his claim by comparing our DNA with the one of chimpanzees. The difference is of only one percent, and humans are vastly superior to chimpanzees. Now let’s imagine, DeGrasse Tyson says, that an alien’s DNA would be one percent more developed than ours. The outcome would be another tremendous difference, like the smartest man on Earth being like nothing for such kind of aliens.

It would be absurd the idea of Earth being the only life-sustaining planet in the Universe if we just consider how outrageously huge our physical reality is. Not to mention that we might actually be living in a Multiverse (a collection of multiple universes), as more and more scientists are sustaining this idea nowadays. There are trillions of discovered galaxies out there, and scientists predict that each of them has billions of stars. Most stars should also have planets revolving around them, which in the end means that the chances for alien life existing somewhere are way off the charts.


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