International Space Station To Commercialize Missions to Space

An important announcement from NASA is coming about the commercial seat for different missions organized to the ISS until 2024. NASA will release a request for proposals or RFPs, which means that any provider interested to submit the program in 2020 will have to announce.

The two essential companies that will, for sure, take part in the future missions are SpaceX and Boeing, the same companies that are already part of the ISS human spaceflight missions.

The fact that NASA is giving seats for the private missions with the ISS is part of the Commercial Crew Program. The difference between this program and the other space missions is that the flying into space will be for 30 days and a stay into the ISS.

The International Space Station is the latest destination for astronauts sponsored by the government, and it is hosting people from 2000. The missions will be beyond low-Earth orbit or short for LEO, and the ISS will orbit around kilometers in altitude. ISS has the size of a football field and includes research laboratories and the space environment for different experiments.

NASA Is Opening the International Space Station for Commercialization

The laboratory receives funds for experiments in physics, biology, astronomy, and the countries that were actively participating in it are the U.S, Russia, Japan, and Canada.

However, the ISS had some problems regarding the funding’s from the U.S administration and the proposal to shut down the program in 2028. If the Trump administration funds the ISS until 2024, how it declared, then the Station could be taken by another company or deconstructed.

Fortunately, the program was extended until 2030 by the Leading Human Spaceflight Act. Also, the Trump administration isn’t the only one that is taken an interest in human space flights. In the past, George H.W Bush was the one that came up with an investment into the Space Station Freedom and crew mission to the Red Planet.

The initiative was not accomplished because Congress didn’t support it. After that, George W. Bush was the one that funds the Constellation Program to the Moon, which was after canceled by Obama. Finally, NASA is having a lot of exciting programs and missions for the future, such as the Artemis launch by 2024 and the LEO spaceflights.

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