Interstellar Visitor Oumuamua Might Be An Active Asteroid

Oumuamua, the cigar-shaped interstellar visitor, might hint to a threat. Scientists think the space object is a fragment of a more significant body that was scattered by its host star. Oumuamua reached our solar system back in 2017 and is a challenge for scientists since then.

Among its odd structure is the absence of a cloud of dust and gas that comets usually give off as they heat up. Further research by experts indicated the space object was hastened by the loss of water and other gases. Oumuamua is now recognized as a “comet in disguise.”

Oumuamua Peculiarities Examined

Currently, scientists think they have spotted some pieces that might shed light on the Oumuamua’s mystery. They’ve named the space object an “active asteroid.” Oumuamua initially evolved from a body that was scattered apart by its host star and then dispersed into interstellar space.

Dr. Yun Zhang, from the Observatoire de la Cote d’Azur in France, released a statement detailing Oumuamua’s peculiarities. She said: “A tidal encounter between a planet or small space object and a star is a tug-of-war game between the gravitational pull of the star and the self-gravity of the flyby space object.”

The Recent Study on Oumuamua

Researchers utilized computer models to unveils that such a process could have developed Oumuamua. They also explained the space object’s unusual shape, tumbling motion, and color. Dr. Zhang stated that close and far fragments of Oumuamua’s host body would have been divided into the tidal disruption area. As a result, the development of elongated objects, such as Oumuamua, appeared.

Moreover, the interstellar visitor lost most of the volatile substances from heating. Some residual water ice, however, has been preserved underneath its surface. Later, it was also heated by the Sun, a reason for its odd acceleration. What’s most significant is that scientists believe that Oumuamua is an alien spacecraft.

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