Invisible Aliens Might Live Among Us, According To An Astrobiologist

Extraterrestrial life (or life in outer space) is a hypothesis that the Universe could have a life whose natural environment is not like Earth’s. But, aliens might already live among us, as per an astrobiologist. This concept refers to any type or form of life, from the most straightforward biological systems (eg, viruses and prokaryotes) to the most complex life forms with their intelligence and social organization.

However, the existence of aliens outside the Earth was proved 95% in 2013 by a team of British researchers from the Department of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology at the University of Sheffield.

The age of the Universe, huge, as well as the enormous number of stellar systems, suggests that if the Earth were a model of heavenly bodies with a generally valid life, then extraterrestrial life should be encountered in the Universe quite often.

There is also an apparent contradiction between the probability of existence in the Universe of some extraterrestrial civilizations, the probability estimated to be small but real, and the lack of contact with such civilizations or other evidence of their existence, a contradiction called Fermi’s paradox.

An Astrobiologist Believes That Invisible Aliens Might Already Live Among Us

The first contact between humanity and an alien civilization may be beneficial, but most likely, it will be dangerous, shocking, and will result in our destruction. Astrobiology Professor Charles Cockell of the University of Edinburgh believes that autotrophic beings are generally not intelligent.

That’s because collecting (stellar) sunlight is a great way to gather energy, yet never enough energy is collected to make a creature intelligent.

This means that an alien being who has achieved the technology of interstellar travel must necessarily be a predator: only the consumption of other beings can provide the energy needed for a highly developed brain.

Charles Cockell believes that it is not obligatory as a civilization, just because it can travel through the cosmic space, it should also be altruistic. Humanity, for example, has successfully placed spacecraft on the frozen Titan satellite and yet we have wars and crimes every day. The astrobiologist also theorized that invisible aliens might live among us already.

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