iOS 14 Update – Can You Run It?

Last year we learned that only iPhones from the past four years would be able to run iOS 13. However, iOS 14 is right around the corner, and we are here to tell you whether your device supports it.

Announcement And Features

Apple revealed that a multitude of new features would be coming with iOS 14 this fall during its Worldwide Developers Conference last week.

The most recent updates revealed an app organizer and widgets for the home screen, which are entirely new features for iPhones and the minimalist Siri interface.

The new OS version also allows users to play a video thumbnail (Picture in Picture) while carrying on with other tasks.

Also, you can add face coverings to your Memoji with iOS 14.

Can You Run It?

As is the case with all new iOS updates, you might be wondering if you can install it on your old iPhone or if it’s time to purchase a new or newer model.

When the company introduced the world to iOS 13, they claimed that it would be available for the iPhone s, iPhone SE (2016), and newer models.

Thankfully, nothing has changed for this year – All devices capable of running iOS 13 can also run iOS 14.

Release Date

Officially, the new operating system version won’t be widely available until this fall.

However, developers can still download and install the iOS public developer beta.

Other users can try the public beta in July.

However, it would be better that you wouldn’t get the beta version unless you own a backup phone.

We are happy to see that Apple made iOS 14 and iPad OS 14 available for a generous range of devices. The new operating system version is a big step towards Apple’s future.

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