iPhone 11 and AirDrop Use Through WiFi Connection

Nowadays, most of the day to day activities are immortalized and hardly a day goes by without a memory. This is even more present in iPhone 11 series users that are very likely to have one of the most professional camera setups on the market. And after taking a couple of shots with your friends, you are going to probably find yourself trying to share them with your loved ones. There are a couple of methods to do this, such as sending them via email or on WhatsApp. However, if all your friends have an iPhone, the fastest and most effective way to share your memories is by using AirDrop.

Even though this name sounds widely known by iPhone users, most of them have no clue regarding how efficient this app can be or where to find it. If there is not in the Control Center, users mostly stop searching for it. But AirDrop can be found in the Settings menu on the General option. The AirDrop option is situated under the Software Update section. And that is not all. The fastest way to access AirDrop is to find it in the Control Center. All you need to do is to wipe down the screen and press for three seconds any of the Airplane mode, WiFi, Cellular Data of Bluetooth icons. After that, the AirDrop will appear automatically.

To use this app, you need a data WiFi connection and open the AirDrop. Select your desired contacts with which to connect on AirDrop and select the pictures you would like to send from the gallery. The next thing you need to do is tapping the share button. If you are the one receiving the pictures, just accept the share. To disable the application, all you need to do is to select the Receiving off function from the Control Center.

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