iPhone 12: New Leaks Reveal Surprising Info Regarding The Display

No matter how aggressive the pandemic is, nothing can stop the 2020 year from being another great year for the tech industry. Apple is still working hard on its iPhone 12 flagship, and the question that lies in the minds of everybody is what the upcoming smartphone will bring new. While we know that it will feature the latest trend known as the 5G technology, surely we need even more information.

iPhone 12 will actually be a lineup of four devices, and all of them are expected to be amazingly powerful. A new press render of one of the iPhone 12 variants has been leaked and ready to reveal new details to us.

The notch is not going away

The cheapest iPhone 12 variant is packing an OLED display of only 5.4-inches. This display is shockingly small, but surely there will be people that will be enjoying it as it is. And the age-old notch for the front camera is still there waiting for its future owners to use it. This is another shocking fact considering that phones without the notch had been released by companies such as Huawei and Samsung. It seems like American companies still have a lot more to learn from the Asian ones!

iPhone 11 has been a tremendous upgrade for its iPhone X predecessor, as it packs more RAM memory, more camera capability, and more. Apple fans are hard to please, and thus they want more from the Cupertino-based tech giant. However, it’s surely not something to blame, as this is how the tech world works: you always have to be better in all ways.

The iPhone 12 flagship lineup will land on stores in September if everything goes according to the plan, and surely it’s a good idea to already start saving your money to buy a piece.

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