Is a Foldable iPhone Coming to The Market? Meet the iPhone Flip

There’s a new ongoing trend among the smartphone manufacturers: the creation of foldable devices, both phone and tablet in one single device. Samsung did it, but also Huawei, Motorola, and LG. Apple cannot fall short anymore in this area, as the Cupertino-based giant has to respect its reputation.

Although there’s no foldable iPhone on the market yet, it seems like only a matter of time until Apple will create one. A lot of people believe this, and a YouTuber created a video with the hypothetical iPhone Flip device. You can feast your eyes upon the footage below:

The creators of the video are saying the following:

We created the iPhone Flip concept so you can imagine how it looks

Enjoy Watching…!!
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But until iPhone Flip or anything similar will land on the market, Apple prepares something even more impressive: the iPhone 12 flagship for 2020. The smartphone will land on stores in September, and chances are very low that the ongoing coronavirus pandemic will delay the release.

Even though the United States is the most affected country by the new coronavirus as the numbers from are revealing, Bloomberg claims that Apple is planning to return its staff to the offices sooner than expected.

The iPhone 12 will be the successor of iPhone 11, and it will bring significant improvements. Among the features there are:

  • OLED Super Retina display
  • 4 to 6GB of RAM
  • Three versions of storage: 128GB, 256GB, and 512GB
  • Dual and triple camera setups + LiDAR

As for the price of iPhone 12, it’s difficult to say a certain amount considering that the flagship will come in four versions: Basic, Max, Pro, and Pro Max. However, don’t expect to buy either of the four iPhones with less than $649, while the most expensive one is expected to cost more than double.

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