Is Planet Nine Really a Planet?

After a very long time of watching the sky, the map of the solar system is full of amazing details. Our planet is one of the rocky inner planets, and it’s always full of surprises. There’s a belt of asteroids, two gas giants, and two ice giants, and there’s also a second belt of other smaller icy bodies. But that’s not all that exists in our solar system. There’s also a planet that scientists don’t quite understand.

Astronomers managed to find the thing that fills the regions from beyond Neptune. But what they saw does not really make sense. They predicted chaos, with leftovers from the formation of the solar system, but they got to see something weird. Apparently, the orbits of distant objects cluster together. And there is also no reason why their points of the closes approach simply stops at a particular line. For many astronomers, this seems like an invisible entity is making up such patterns.

Ann-Marie Madigan, an astrophysicist at the University of Colorado Boulder, stated that “There has to be a lot more mass out there.”

There are some theories out there about the planet

There is a theory about the giant planet that is about ten times heavier than our planet. It seems that Planet Nine pushed its smaller neighbors around. Astronomers tried to find this planet for a long time, but they start to think that it might not exist. Madigan and her colleagues found a disk of smaller bodies that had identical effects. Other astronomers believe that it might be a black hole of the size of a softball. If these teams are right, and there is not a planet to find there, the telescope hunts will not be efficient. Astronomers need to be more patient.



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