Is the Big Bang Theory just a Big Hoax? Shocking New Claim Made by Scientist

The Big Bang Theory is widely accepted among scientists like the most reasonable explanation of how our Universe began to exist. But very often you hear the phrase “billions of years ago, AFTER THE BIG BANG” as if some people want to convince us all, by any means necessary, that the Big Bang really happened. It’s like they’re afraid that some other people might not believe it one hundred percent.

Einstein’s general relativity proved mathematically that the Big Bang theory is correct, some scientists might claim. It actually proved that it COULD be correct, which is a huge difference. In other words, it’s possible that the Universe had been given birth through the Big Bang, but it’s not necessarily that it actually happened that way.

Astronomer Eric Lerner claims that the Big Bang never existed

One big adversary for the Big Bang theory is Eric Lerner, who wrote a book called ‘The Big Bang Never Happened’ in 1991. Instead, he supported the old idea that was widely accepted before the Big Bang theory emerged: the Universe always existed, and therefore never had a beginning.

Even in 2020 Lerner still works to prove the Big Bang theory to be wrong: he claims that precise observations of light elements such as hydrogen, lithium, or helium are showing a big gap between the amount of elements in the universe predicted by the Big Bang theory, and how much does actually exist.

The Galactic Origin of Light Elements might be the answer

Lerner brings this another alternative for the Big Bang Theory, and he has big confidence in it, as he states:

The correct predictions of the GOLE model not only fit the observations far better than does the Big Bang model

The production of the light elements by stars must occur — and if there was also production by a Big Bang, we would observe far more of these light elements than we do.

However, the Big Bang Theory has other shortcomings that, for some reason, almost nobody speaks about:

  1. Why did the supposed ‘singularity’ had infinite energy? Where did it come from?
  2. The theory doesn’t explain how the laws of physics came into existence;
  3. What triggered the ‘bang’ in the first place?
  4. If the theory is correct, why doesn’t the Universe slow down from its expansion? Gravity should pull it back to where it began. But instead, the expansion is accelerating. And yes, it’s because of the dark energy. But we know very little about it, so why would we take seriously something that we cannot define?

Maybe it’s time to acknowledge the fact that at least for the moment, we humans cannot simply know everything about our reality. Hopefully, science will provide us irrefutable answers in the future.

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