Is the Universe a Giant Sphere? What New Study Claims

Although nobody has been to the edge of the Universe, we have some scientific arguments that it has a spherical shape, exactly like a planet.There are also some scientists who are claiming the Universe to be flat, so finding the right answer is a pretty big challenge. Does this sound familiar to you? Flat-Earthers are from a totally different turn of events. We got this one, we know for sure that our planet is a sphere. The simple fact that the GPS is working on our smartphones proves irrefutably that the Earth is round.

But how can we know the exact shape of our Cosmos? A new study has been made and published in the journal Nature Astronomy, which claims the Universe to have curves exactly like an expanding balloon. Scientists used the Planck space observatory for assessing data from the cosmic microwave background radiation, which is nothing else than a remnant from the Big Bang itself.

Do we live in a “closed” Universe?

Another outcome of the study is that the Universe is closed; therefore, nothing should exist beyond it, no matter how unimaginable that may sound. This is a surprising conclusion since scientists thought otherwise for many years. Just how can you imagine complete nothingness – something without matter, space and time?

One of the authors of the study stated:

We show that since the Planck power spectra prefer a closed Universe, discordances higher than generally estimated arise for most of the local cosmological observables, including baryon acoustic oscillations,

The assumption of a flat Universe could therefore mask a cosmological crisis where disparate observed properties of the Universe appear to be mutually inconsistent.

It would be impossible to reach the edge of a balloon-shaped Universe to see what’s going on there, even if we somehow manage to surpass the speed of light. We would inevitably return to our starting point even though we will be traveling on a straight line.

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