Is There Life and Intelligence in the Universe?

Are we alone in this universe? This is what we’re all asking ourselves.

We have learned that life started quickly, if just as soon as our the environment of our planet was stable enough to support life. Also, the first multicellular organism a little while longer to evolve, about 4 billion years. But even if we do know when life first made its appearance on Earth, we still don’t know how it all happened. This would help us to understand our universe better.

A new technique can help us

According to some new reports, we now know how an analysis that uses a statistical technique, which is called Bayesian inference, can help us in understanding how extraterrestrial life can eventually lead to alien worlds.

David Kipping, from Columbia’s Department of Astronomy, stated: “The rapid emergence of life and the late evolution of humanity, in the context of the timeline of evolution, are certainly suggestive. But in this study it’s possible to actually quantify what the facts tell us.”

Kipping used the earliest evidence for the life and the evolution of humanity in order to conduct his study. He thought about how often we expect life and intelligence to reappear, should Earth evolve again, as it did the first time.

He also looked for answers. Then, he came to some interesting conclusions. The first one is that life is common, and it develops intelligence more often than not. The second one is that life is rare, but it does develop intelligence often. The third one is that life is come on in it really does the block intelligence. The fourth one is that life is rare, and it’s rarely developing intelligence – if at all.

He also stated that this technique, the Bayesian inference, is a bit odd, since it encourages the testing of new evidence, “in essence a positive feedback loop of refining your estimates of the likelihood of an event.”

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