Isolating Yourself Without Feeling Isolated? Top Apps that Can Help You Achieve Just That

We’re all going through tough times in this period, whether we’re sick or not. We all have to take some significant measures in order to keep ourselves safe and also the people surrounding us. Since the authorities are strongly demanding people to stay at home as much as possible, we have to admit that this is not always an easy thing to do.

But luckily for us, there is technology out there ready to help us in countless ways. Staying connected on video calls with friends and relatives is always a great way of getting rid of the dreadful feeling of loneliness or isolation. Furthermore, it’s 100% proven that you can’t get any viruses by video calling. Let’s see the best apps that you can rely on for having a more enjoyable isolation period:


Skype has been long forgotten by people ever since WhatsApp became more popular. Skype offers the possibility of video conferences with up to 50 participants., and it’s mostly used for business purposes like job interviews, group work, etc.  The service is available for a large number of platforms: PC, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS, Windows Phone, HoloLens, and Xbox One.

Microsoft Teams

Available for Android and iOS, this app offers a reliable workplace chat, file storage, video meetings, and app integration. It normally costs $10 per month, but you can get it for free if you have an Office 365 subscription.


Even if we would want to, we just can’t rule out WhatsApp from this list. As you probably already know since most of us are using it, this app has it all: end-to-end encryption, video calling in a group or one on one, sharing of files, documents, locations, and so on. WhatsApp is owned by Facebook after it was bought in 2014 for an astronomical amount of $21.8 billion. The app is free for its users, and it works on Android, iOS, and PC.


Being mainly created as a free voice and text chat for gamers, Discord is available for Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Linux, and in web browsers. As the presentation from Google’s Play Store says:

• Organized channels allows you plenty of room for sharing videos, coordinating meetups.
• Open voice channels can make hanging out easy. Just grab a seat in a voice channel and friends can jump in without being necessary to call.
• High-quality communication regardless of the place you’re at.

Google Hangouts

While Google is offering so many amazing and useful web services, it would have been absurd to not also have a powerful video calling app. Hangouts is their creation, and it has a lot to offer:

  • Group calls of a maximum of 150 participants.
  • Connecting your Google Voice account will assure phone calling, SMS texting, and voicemail integration.
  • Keep in touch with contacts from Android, iOS, and the web.
  • Sync chats across all your devices.


Well, this one is not a video calling app, but it can surely keep your mind busy with countless ideas and entertaining videos. Whether you want music, movie trailers, stand-up comedy acts, to learn how to cook, to watch interviews with any celebrities, to see your favorite band in a concert, or to learn the Japanese language, they can all be found on YouTube.

It would be pointless to tell for what platforms YouTube exists because we’re all using the service. If neither of the above apps doesn’t make you not feel lonely anymore, trying to find a good and entertaining game can also be a great idea. Shooters, RPGs, fighting, racing, strategy, or online games, it all depends to you what game you’ll be playing and what genre suits your taste the most.

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