Join the ‘FreeFortnite’ Tournament for Protesting Against Apple’s Ban – Exciting Prizes Involved

Fortnite counts a staggering amount of 350 million players worldwide, but that didn’t seem to count for Apple. The Cupertino-based company removed the insanely-popular battle royale game from the App Store, and it motivated the decision by saying that the developer Epic Games was violating the store’s guidelines by using its own payment system.

As everyone expected, such a harsh move generated a huge wave of discontent among Fortnite players. As a result, the developer of the game decided to protest in a unique way: by organizing a tournament dedicated to the #FreeFortnite campaign.

Win Android devices, Windows PC’s, and more

Those who decide to participate will have to embark on an event that will be held tomorrow, on August 23. Any Fortnite player can participate, regardless of his country.  But surely you’re wondering why on Earth is Apple offering phones with Google’s Android operating system as gifts since the two companies are rivals. The answer is simple: the Cupertino-based giant intends to promote devices that are still able to run Fortnite. Apple will offer 1,200 devices as prizes.

An official statement from Epic Games says the following:

Celebrate the quest for one more Victory Royale with friends across all platforms in the #FreeFortnite Cup this Sunday, August 23. Drop in for an opportunity to win more prizes than ever before including the new Tart Tycoon Outfit, gaming hardware, and exclusive apparel.

But the good news is not over yet since the players can also win prizes like a PlayStation 4 Pro, an Xbox One X, an Alienware laptop, a Galaxy Tab S7, a OnePlus 8, and a Nintendo Switch.

With or without Apple’s support, Fornite remains a great battle royale game where the player gets to fight for remaining the last man standing by using every dirty trick in the book. He can shoot with common weapons, snipers, and more.

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