Kimberly Guilfoyle, Another Close Person of Donald Trump to Be Tested Positive for COVID-19

The girlfriend of the eldest son of President Trump, Kimberly Guilfoyle, with a top fund-raising official representing the re-election campaign of President Trump, has tested positive for the novel coronavirus on Friday, just before an event commemorating the Fourth of July at Mount Rushmore. This information was made public by an individual in touch with Guilfoyle.

Ms. Gulfoyle traveled in the company of President Trump’s son to South Dakota. Guilfoyle, together with Donald Trump Jr., have gone there to anticipate an enormous fireworks display scheduled to take place while the president speaks. The couple did not travel aboard the Air Force One. This information was made public by the same source. It would seem that Guilfoyle is the only person in the traveling group that has tested positive to COVID-19. As a preventive measure, people that have come in close contact with the president are now being tested for the novel COVID-19.

The third person known to be in close contact with Mr. Trump is Ms. Guilfoyle. In addition to this, a personal valet and the press secretary for Vice President Mike Pence have tested positive for coronavirus back in May. Fortunately, Ms. Guilfoyle did not experience any symptoms related to the deadly virus, according to a familiar person.

In the meantime, the other person that was thought to be in close contact with Mr. Trump has also tested positive. Ms. Guilfoyle has been in Tulsa, Okla, attending Mr. Trump’s indoor event. Since then, a couple of campaign staff and several Secret Service personnel have been tested positive for COVID-19. A former Republican presidential, Herman Cain, which has also attended the same event, has publicly declared that he has been hospitalized with the virus.

Even though all the signs are pointing to a future infection for Mr. Trump, he has recently abandoned a couple of formalities that were taken for those entering the White House. For example, the routine temperature checks are no longer happening, even though more and more people are tested positive for the novel virus.

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