Legends Of Runeterra: The Developer Teases The 1.7 Expansion of The Game – Footage and Info

Gamers who like to enjoy their favorite titles on PC and smartphones won’t regret for sure if they give Legends Of Runeterra a try. This game is packed with a lot of tactical action, as you’ll have to survive to get involved in combats where even one wrong move can turn you into a certain victim on the battlefield.

In Legends Of Runeterrra, you can have a lot of fun, as it’s a great digital collectible card game released in the current year for Windows PC, Android, and iOS gamers.

Beware for The Call of The Mountain on August 26

The developer Riot Games is teasing the brand new expansion of Legends Of Runeterra, which is called Call of The Mountain (aka the 1.7 patch). Furthermore, the game awaits a new region called Mount Targon and about 170 new cards.

The official description writes:

What do you see in the stars? New expansion: Call of the Mountain arrives August 26. Get the game and play now at https://playruneterra.com.

This new expansion arrives on August 26, but it’s only the beginning. Legends Of Runeterra will further be improved with two other expansions: 80 more cards and 6 other new champions will arrive to the game.

The new cards will surely add a lot more fun to the game, as some of the new cards will be unveiled by Riot tomorrow, on August 11. The new 1.7 patch will bring along new epic quests, lab rules, balance changes, as well as a new board and more. The upcoming patch will last for only three weeks, so you better make sure that you won’t be late for August 26!

If you’re willing to find other info about this amazing digital collectible card game, you might as well visit these relevant and official links:

Website: playruneterra.com
Facebook: facebook.com/legendsofruneterra
Twitch: twitch.tv/riotgames
Instagram: instagram.com/legendsofruneterra
Discord: discord.gg/legendsofruneterra
Twitter: twitter.com/playruneterra

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