Life on Mars Mystery – Is There Life On The Red Planet?

NASA has been looking for the answer to one particular question since the beginning: is there life on Mars? There are no pieces of evidence of past or present life, at least not that we know of.

Recent research showed that Mars once had water, which means that it gathered some conditions which were either hotter or wetter than today. In spite of that, a scientist from Germany demonstrated that living beings could not merely get by on the Red Planet. Amazon’s Prime “Tomorrow’s World” knows it best. Apparently, life could exist in some spots of Mars, in those cold ones. This was shown by Dr. Jean-Pierre Paul De Vera, from the German Spatial Research Center in Berlin.

In his lab, Dr. De Vera created a machine, somewhat like a Martian chamber, with the climatic weight, temperature, UV beams, and some substance structure, basically with every parameter that can be managed accurately.

Life on Mars – What studies say

Back in 2012, Dr. De Vera showed that cyanobacteria that have been present on Earth for 3.5 billion years could go through half a month in this martian chamber without encountering issues. He did the test for nine days with microorganisms, which he got from Antarctica.

Not only they endured everything, but they thrived, too. Dr. De Vera talked about the findings. He clarified that from what they’ve seen, it’s possible for life to be there, microorganisms can live on Mars. But they never envisioned the outcomes with complex living beings.

Life can be conceivable on Mars, and Mars can actually be a natural surrounding for life forms that live on Earth. You need to keep in mind that they are not microorganisms now, but they are some life forms that use photosynthesis. Hopefully, we will soon find more details about past or present life on Mars

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