Love Life Will Not Follow Kendrick’s Darby Character Anymore

It’s official, HBO Max’s Love Life was renewed for a second season. However, it will not focus on Anna Kendrick’s character. The series was included among HBO MAX’s originals included at lunch, and it became very popular. It probably happened because of Kendrick’s appearance in the showIn the first season of Love Life, we also had Zoë Chao, Peter Vack, Sasha Compere, and Lesley Manville staring.  

The series follows Darby’s love life, from her first love to her last love, from 2012 to 2020.  

HBO Max doesn’t really have the most extensive library available so far. However, it has fantastic TV shows and several movies which are worth watching. However, after its launch just two weeks ago, people started to get confused about what is available on the serviceHBO Max removed its list of the available content because some of the movies and TV shows were actually missing. And those that were made available at lunch will be leaving the service in the coming weeks, including half of their DC films. 

It’s not about Darby anymore

The next season of Love Life will focus on a new character and its journey to love. As of now, we have no specific details about this character, but we do know some details about its journey: “one which explores what happens when you’ve lived your whole life knowing who your soulmate is, only to find out years into a marriage that it’s not the right fit at all.”

Many of the characters which appeared in the first season will also appear in the second one, and Kendrick will make some occasional appearances, as well. 

The producer of the series stated: “We were thrilled to be the first scripted series to debut on HBO Max, and now we’re doubly thrilled to be their first, second season pickup. Our partnership with the entire team at the network has been wonderful, and we can’t wait to dive in for more.”


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