Lyrid Meteor Shower Will Light Up South American Skies This Month

Because of the current lockdown caused by the ongoing pandemic, fewer and fewer drivers are spotted on the streets. That brings even greater news not only for the reduction in air pollution but also because, in a couple of weeks, the Southern American sky is going to be lighted by a meteor shower.

This phenomenon will last for three consecutive nights, when the moon will shine at low radiance, allowing the sky glazers to admire the Lyrid meteor shower of this year. This is not the first time that the outer space spectacle happens. The American Meteor society categorizes this event as a medium-strength Meteor shower, most commonly lasting for three nights.

The Lyrid Meteor Shower Will Happen This Month

The Lyrid meteor shower is the coldest shower ever to be recorded, starting over 2.700 years ago. The meteors cannot produce trans or trails, but they are well-known for their capability to create an impressive light show since they lit in the Earth’s atmosphere.

The American Meteor Society stated that this show is most likely to light the shy of the Northern part of America. However, this time it is expected to approach the Southern atmosphere as well. The shower is most likely to start on the 16th of April, finishing on the 30th. The most beautiful night will probably be between 21st and 22nd of April, when the moon shines at 1%, offering perfect viewing conditions.

EarthSky is giving us a tip. The best hours one can ever watch the lights show is going to be during the darkest hours before the dawn of the 22nd of April. During that time, the moon disappears and there is no other source of light that can ruin the Lyrid meteor shower. Therefore, the fireballs show is going to be viewed by the whole country, offering unforgettable memories to its watchers.

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