Mafia 3: Black Screen and Cutscene Crashes Preventing You form Playing? Here Is How to Fix All These Issues

Even though it has recently been released, Mafia 3 users have been experiencing a series of issues with one of the most popular games at the moment. The officials have announced an upcoming upgrade to fix the 30 FPS cap. However, players are currently experiencing far more problems than this one, some of them even restricting them from launching the game.

This particular problem is mostly encountered by Windows 10 users, which commonly see a black screen when the system crashes or even refuses to launch at all. Should you be encountering this problem, here is a list of solutions that you can try on your own before the officials manage to fix the problem.

  1. Use the Nvidia Drivers

Nvidia video card might be a lifesaver when experiencing these issues. Try opening it, then launch the game and refresh it to update the launcher. Mafia 3 will then appear on the top-down menu and ask you to install a series of requested drivers. Make sure to have the latest version available for Nvidia Drivers.

  1. Install Visual C++ Redistributable

This is an update to Windows 10, which is highly useful when a user experiences such issues. In addition to this, there might be a series of other necessary updates.

  1. Windows 10 Anniversary Update

Even though the update should automatically be installed on your computer, sometimes automatic-installation might sometimes trick your computer. Moreover, the incomplete installation might also ruin the inner workings of your computer. In this case, back-up your latest files and go to the “Update & Security” function from the Settings menu and click on “Windows Update” to install the latest version available.

  1. Restart Windows Explorer

This issue can be fixed by opening Task Manager by holding on CTR, ALT, DELETE, and selecting the “Processes” option. Choose “Windows Explorer” and press on “Restart.”

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