Mandalorian Upcoming Season 2 Needs to Answer Important Questions About The Show

Baby Yoda, Mando, as well as other characters, went through some exciting adventures during the first season of Mandalorian, leaving the fans eager for the second season to come and shed light upon many aspects. When a lone gunfighter wanders across the edges of the galaxy and running away from the authority of the New Republic, the story can take some unexpected turns.

The Mandalorian series is set in the interim between Return of The Jedi and the Star Wars sequel trilogy. Mando had a difficult road to went through, as he decided to act as the protector of Baby Yoda (officially known as The Child). Here’s what Season 2 of Mandalorian needs to answer:

What happened during the ‘Great Purge’?

The Armorer and Moff Gideon made references about the Great Purge, meaning also one of the greatest mysteries of the first season of The Mandalorian. There’s great mythology about the Great Purge to be exploited, and Katee Sackhoff should appear as Bo-Katan Kryze to bring even more action to the show.

The origin of Baby Yoda

Oddly enough, Baby Yoda is 50 years old and possesses some incredible powers, but there wasn’t much to say in the show about his origin. Those believing that the mysterious character is a clone should forget about the idea, as Kuiil rejects it. The show must reveal something about both the planet of origin and the parentage of Baby Yoda, and the character was born shortly before the Star Wars prequels.

Feel free to tell us what are your own expectations from the second season of Mandalorian! What did you like from the very first season and how do you think the story will evolve around Baby Yoda and the others?

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