Mars Journey Would Bring A Lot of Health Issues For Astronauts

New research indicates how realizing an orbiting over 370 kilometers above Earth in the ISS could put in danger the human body. The alien environment, harsh atmosphere, and other conditions led to some severe health issues. A Mars journey would be even more dangerous for the health of astronauts.

Because there is no gravity to drag fluids out of our brain, an odd feeling occurs. Also, the radiation exposure could profoundly affect our system, causing cancer. Even if astronauts got only a few hours/day to work on outer space, their muscles and bones could lose their mass.

Such results had been gathered after more than 50 years of human outer space journeys. Those travels have been mostly developed in no more than six months. But now, the next mission involves sending people much farther, to the Mars.

For reaching Mars would take approximately six months. A full trip would probably take somewhere between two to three years.

The US has confirmed its plans to send people to Mars by 2030. How realistic such a thing could be, we don’t know yet. We still need more time to find out how much our health could be affected.

Mars Journey Would Bring A Lot of Health Issues For Astronauts

Scott Kelly, a former astronaut, realized the incredible amount of four travels to the ISS. He also spent some incredibly long periods in space, being part of the first research ever performed to compare the health status of two identical twins – one in outer space and the other on Earth.

While Scott was away for a full year on the ISS, his identical twin Mark Kelly, was here on Earth. During Scott’s whole mission, many researchers examined, observed, and tested both twins’ health status. There have been a lot of samples required, from both brothers’ blood, urine to stool, before and after the space trip.

Such a thing offered details about their body functionality, the DNA stability, and the gut health, as well. Also, when Scott was away, researchers got some of his samples reserved for when he came back. Others have been sent back to our planet via a rocket.

Scott’s condition after his return displayed some severe health issues. For example, he couldn’t see well, and his skin erupted out in rashes, he felt very exhausted all the time, while his immune system was on extreme alert.

There were also some intriguing findings in Scott’s condition. His genes appeared to be similar to those of younger people. But they came back at their normal state after a while on Earth. He said: “I returned younger and more handsome than my brother.”

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