Mars Orbiter Delivers Stunning Images Of Martian North Polar Cap

It’s known the fact that Mars doesn’t have any life but the “Winter is coming” even there. Although we’re all in love with this great season on our planet, it seems that those images show us how sad and depressing can be a planet without living creatures. By the way, did you know that on Mars, time flies twice slower than on Earth?

Mars Orbiter Delivers Stunning Images Of Martian North Polar Cap

The temperatures can reach -145’C, and the ice layers can reach 2 meters high. Who can ever survive there? Due to an extremely powerful camera called the High-Resolution Stereo Camera (HRSC), we were able to receive a few images that are breathtaking.

Ralf Jauman (HRSC Principal Investigator from the Institute of Planetary Research, Germany) said: “The strength of HRSC is to perform high-resolution digital terrain models of the Martian surface in order to provide topographic context for the geoscientific evaluation of surface processes in space and time.”

The images were taken in 2006, and you can see that the resolution has great quality. The research team came with a theory that proves that the Katabatic winds are responsible for creating this phenomenon.

What Is a Katabatic Wind?

A katabatic wind is a technical name for a drainage wind, a wind that carries high-density air from a higher elevation down a slope under the force of gravity. Such winds are also called fall-winds.
At the same time, Mars is creating the Coriolis effect.

On Earth, the Coriolis force can be seen in formation on hurricanes and other great storms. The main task for HRSC is to study all the weather and climate changes. It’s known that Mars was very wet and humid, a few million years ago. If I may, I think that Global Warming affects the Universe and not only our planet, but this is just an opinion.

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