MDA Can Now Support the Robotic Operations on the ISS

MDA Space & Robotics talked recently about the contract of $190 million it received to support robotic operations on the ISS starting this year. The company has supplied L&SE (Logistics and Sustaining Engineering) services to the CSA (the Canadian Space Agency) and its international partners, as well, since the beginning of the ISS.

The contract will strengthen more MDA’s wordlwide leadership in operation mission-critical space robotics and will offer a chance to improve the robotic system skills and methods utilizing the ISS as a testing base for the next explorations.

MDA’s Future on the ISS

The agreement offers for the future operations and developments of the Canadian contribution to the ISS, the MSS (the Mobile Servicing System), which include Dextre, the MBS (the Mobile Base System), and Canadarm2. It will establish, as well, a steady ground of business for four years.

MDA got, besides goods, services such as Systems Engineering, Mission Planning, Logistics Engineering (crown property management), Real-Time Operations Support, Product Assurance, Program Management, and MSS Robotic Operations Training Support for ground mission controllers and astronauts.

Reliance on Dextre and Canadarm2, one of the most sophisticated space robots for the ISS maintenance, has been firmly enhancing. In addition, MDA supports operations planning and real-time services, ensures the operational readiness of the MSS robotics, and offers training to the robotic operators.

The Robotic Operations of MDA on the ISS

“We value our role as prime contractor and partner to the Canadian Space Agency, and enjoy the opportunity to work closely with the ISS partners, in particular NASA and the ISS industrial team,” stated Mike Greenley, Chief Executive Officer of MDA. Canada’s robotics skills are recognized and praised worldwide for its exemplary performance in support of the ISS.

The ISS is still a significant laboratory that extends scientific knowledge and enhances breakthrough technologies. Canada’s contribution to robotics has also enabled the access to the ISS by Canadian astronauts.

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