Meteorite That May Have Come From Mars Could Offer Interesting Data

Some scientists argue that life may have been present at one point on Mars. A team of researchers will analyze samples recovered from a meteor crater located in Germany, as it is believed that the meteor may come from the Red Planet.

Initial research has shown that the geologic and chemical structure of the ancient site is similar to the one encountered on Mars, especially in the case of the Jezero crater. Both craters present traces of liquid water that may have hosted some forms of life.

Nordlinger Ries is one of the largest impact craters found in the world, with a diameter of 24 kilometers (or 15 miles). The name of Ries comes from the tribe of Raetians, who lived in the area before the Roman conquests.

Meteorite That May Have Come From Mars Could Offer Interesting Data

For a long time, researchers considered that the crater might have been created by a volcanic impact. This theory was proved to be wrong by the work of two researchers, which showed that the culprit was a large meteor that crashed into the area. A prime proof was the presence of coesite, which cannot form in unmetamorphosed rocks unless extreme pressure is applied.

Another interesting trait is the fact that the impact crater was a rampart crater, which makes it unique as rampart craters tend to be found on Mars. It is also important to note that the nitrogen isotopes present in rock samples that have been extracted appear to be identical to the ones found in samples of ancient water that has been found on Mars.

An in-depth comparison between the two craters will help researchers to learn more about the past of Mars, including the formation of the vast oceans that were present on the planet and possible traces of life. Previous research has inferred that an ocean with liquid water was present on Mars almost 4 billion years ago.

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