Microsoft Launches a Nice-Looking and Scrolling News Bar App

Information roaming freely throughout the internet is something common nowadays, and being well-informed is a ‘must’. However, choosing the right sources of information can be a difficult process, but Microsoft comes to lend a hand to us once again.

Therefore, a new scrolling news bar app will be released as a beta by Microsoft for Windows 10 users this week. The app sits by default right above the taskbar, and it was developed by the internal News team from Microsoft (formerly knows as MSN News). 

News from over 4,500 publications

The new app is designed to provide news to the user from over 4,500 publications, and it’s even customizable. If you don’t like the scrollbar positioned at the bottom, you can choose to put it at the top, left, or right side of your screen. You can even shift to images for a more detailed view of the news.

However, there is one big shortcoming for Microsoft’s new app. You can’t customize the news, as choosing exact topics to follow. Instead, you’ll receive the top news from your area.

The app is free

We’ve all seen similar news apps before, and the above-mentioned one is free of charge. If you’re willing to test it, you can always download it via the official online store of Microsoft. The app is simply dubbed ‘News Bar (Beta)’.

Besides not getting the possibility of choosing your preferred topics when it comes to the news, Microsoft’s upcoming app also has some other flaws worth mentioning. Anytime you click on a news from the app, it will automatically open up in the Edge browser. This is bad news for those who are instead using Chrome, Mozilla, or some other browser as the default one.

The new Microsoft news app is useful, indeed, although it has its flaws. But hey, it’s more than enough for a free app.

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