Microsoft Pushes Out The KB4023057 Update for Windows 10

There’s no secret to anyone that, from time to time, installing new updates on Windows 10 gives the users a lot of headaches. Microsoft’s latest operating system is far from being perfect, regardless of how much the Redmond-based company insists to the users to install it.

The KB4023057 update for Windows 10 has been pushed out by Microsoft several times before, and now the company started to push it again. The purpose of the patch is to address problems that have been jeopardizing new versions of Windows 10.

The update assures reliability improvements for Windows Update Service

Microsoft explains as following:

It may take steps to free up disk space on your device if you do not have enough disk space to install Windows updates.

This update includes files and resources that address issues that affect the update processes in Windows 10 that may prevent important Windows updates from being installed. These improvements help make sure that updates are installed seamlessly on your device, and they help improve the reliability and security of devices that are running Windows 10.

At over six months since the good old Windows 7 is not receiving technical support anymore from Microsoft, it’s good to know that Windows 10 is still free to download and install. After eleven years of dominance when it was considered the best operating system made by Microsoft, Windows 7 is still running on a lot of PC’s. For some reason, it seems that the users are willing to take security risks.

Windows 10 remains the latest operating system made by Microsoft since 2015. Although a lot of people are hoping for a successor, it might never come. The more plausible scenario is that Microsoft will continue to update Windows 10 at a staggering pace for as long as the company exists. This shouldn’t be a bad thing, considering only that the operating system sure has its flaws.

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