Microsoft Teams Gets Exciting New Features

The offer of video calling apps is huge these days, and there’s no telling which app from the field is the best. But due to the enormous competition, we can identify several worth-mentioning video calling apps, and Microsoft Teams is among them.

Microsoft’s video calling service gets enhanced even more in November, providing users a much better experience. For instance, if you’re tired of those annoying moments when you can’t hear clearly the person you’re talking to because of background noise like a vacuum cleaner, a dog barking, or the music playing, Microsoft has it covered for you. Teams will receive in November the background noise cancelation feature.

Two new features already available in Microsoft Teams

The Redmond-based giant has already added at least two useful functionalities. One of them is the option of going full screen while using the Teams app, something that offers a more comfortable approach than before. The other new feature is the ability for those who organize meetings to view and manage meeting options within the new meeting experience. 

But let’s not also forget about the new features for the iOS version of Microsoft Teams. The app is not only protecting sensitive data by stopping message previews from using its device management platform Intune, but natural language support was added for when the user is searching for messages.

Microsoft Teams maintains its business-focused style, as the user can chat, meet, call, and collaborate with others for a higher and common goal. The app offers not only video conferencing, but also custom backgrounds, screen and file sharing, market availability, ‘Together mode’, and plenty of privacy and security functionalities.

Microsoft Teams is available for macOS, Linux, iOS, and of course: the Windows operating system. The app even works for Windows 7, and it’s currently available in 181 countries and 18 languages. 

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