Microsoft Teams is Getting the Custom Backgrounds Feature for Video Calls

Video calling apps don’t represent something new in 2020 at all, but there are certainly always new ways of improving them. While WhatsApp is constantly improving its features and even bringing new ones for its users, other companies will have to keep up. Microsoft is one of those companies, and since it doesn’t need any presentation, it cannot accept to fall short in any area.

Virtual meetings for businesses and work are also something common nowadays, especially in these times when it’s highly recommended for us all to stay at home as much as possible. Microsoft Teams is an efficient app for this kind of purpose, and it now brings significant improvement for those willing to use it.

Messy room? No problem

If you have to speak with someone via Microsoft Team’s video calling feature and you didn’t have time to clean up your room, office, or desk, you don’t have to worry anymore. Microsoft will fix the issue for you in no time! Well, it’s not going to appoint people to clean up your room, kitchen, basement, or the attic you’re filming from. But instead, it will add a virtual background that replaces your messy surroundings and adds a more professional view for your video recording.

The new capability is also known as custom backgrounds, and it’s currently being rolled out. The backgrounds will let users replace their meeting background with a “fresh and bright home office,” as Microsoft claims. It’s amazing what you can achieve with a little artificial intelligence!

How to activate the custom backgrounds

First of all, you have to make sure you’re using the PC or macOS version of the Microsoft Teams app. After you start a video call, you have to click the More Options icon from the call screen. You’ll then see the Show Backgrounds Effects option, and you’ll have to select it. You’ll get several images that you can choose from as your background.

It’s a pleasure doing business with Microsoft Teams!

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