Milky Way Galaxy is Closing to the “Fantastic Finale” of a Star

We should keep a telescope close because some cosmic features might surprise us even more soon. It’s nothing too hard to understand, but we should know that our galaxy is far more than we can imagine or discover. Betelgeuse is possible to change its status, meaning it could blow into a supernova.

Researchers stated that the “supergiant” star, which is at almost 650 light-years away, is suffering some drastic changes. It is at its most decreased level, in about a century. Such a thing means that we could witness Milky Way’s first supernova in the telescopic period, according to Science Alert. “It kept getting fainter. Every night, it was fainter than the previous night, and I said, ‘Well, it has to stop soon.’ And it hasn’t,” reported an astronomer from Villanova University.

Moreover, a Villanova study resurfaces recently, stirring excitement about Betelgeuse’s pending ending, which would transform it 100 times brighter than Venus. It could also bring some nighttime shadows on our planet. On the other hand, such a thing is somewhat impossible, complicated, and because nobody’s accurate what’s happening.

Milky Way Galaxy to Witness the Death of Betelgeuse

Indeed, the star is fading. It is red, also, meaning that the helium atoms are blending into much bigger elements. Gravity will cause, after all, an immense inward collapse that threatens a supernova.

As National Geographic indicated, such a cosmic feature would theoretically remove the dust that covers it in darkness before it disappears. But, it could also be yet another part of Betelgeuse’s periodic fading and brightening, which could have, in fact, various purposes.

The supernova might occur maybe tomorrow or not for other centuries. However, when it happens, the star on Orion’s part would become very bright. As an astronomer detailed: “We’ve never observed a star and said, ‘That star is going to die as a supernova.’ That’s very much something we still need to learn.”

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