Millions of Android Phones Packed with Snapdragon Chipsets are Risking Data Theft

Four hundred code vulnerabilities nicknamed as “Achilles” were found in the digital signal processors (DSPs) from Qualcomm’s Snapdragon chips. The discovery belongs to Check Point security researchers, and it raises the alarm among millions of Android users who have Snapdragon processors mounted on their phones.

The even worst part is that there’s not too much to do at this point since no fix has been announced. Qualcomm, the chip maker, should address the issues first. The research team chooses to keep a lot of details a secret.

What can cyber attackers do to your phone

If you’re among the millions of unlucky fellows that could get affected by the issue, the outcome wouldn’t be pleasant at all: cyber attackers could quietly steal data, render devices unusable, record calls, and even install silent and non-removable malware.

Qualcomm has acknowledged the security flaws and shared relevant details with brands, according to a spokesperson. The representative also gave us the good news of being no evidence of active exploits. Also, the users have the possibility of minimizing their risk by getting patches and apps when available from trusted outlets like the Google Play Store.

However, the danger is still there since Snapdragon chips were in about 40% of the phones that shipped only in 2019. The total number of Android users on the planet is almost a third of the world population: 2.5 billion people. And there’s no wonder why, as Android is the best operating system for mobile devices. Even Microsoft acknowledged it after the Redmond-based company and Google were in strong competition. Microsoft had its discontinued Windows Phone operating system, and it couldn’t possibly be a suitable alternative to Google’s Android operating system.

We’re eagerly waiting for further info from Google and Qualcomm regarding the above-mentioned security issues.

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